OH my goD to you not understand how adorable you are? Like seriously there’s no fucking way you’re not aware of it. you stupid ass fucking shit fuck with your huge ass eyes and your pouty ass mouth and your nice ass legs and your fucking CURVE IN YOUR BACK BEFORE your fit ass ass and oh my god please tell me you know exactly what i’m talking about you ho. Dont fucking look down at your big ass hands which i’m sure are majesic and meticulous and patient and holy lord baby jesus titty fucking christ because it takes everything in my body to not jump you in the middle of class. HOOLLLLYYF UCK. 

I hope you think about me when you masturbate. Because I know you masturbate. All guys masturbate. You stupid ho. 

Dear god i’m a mess help i’ve fallen and i can’t get up. 

  1. neverburns said: Omg I know this feel like i know the back of my hand
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